It’s like this crazy hag, Marietta Fortune, Lula’s mom. Trapped in her ideas and desires, she can’t hear from others to carry on and let it go. Let Lula goes with Sailor, he’s not a bad guy. Let her emotions go and feel free to be with the guy she loves… No, this crazy bitch is clearly unable to break the prison bars she trapped herself inside… There is no way she can open her eyes to see how life can be simple and happy.
Remember this scene she’s putting lipstick in front of her mirror. She gets really angry and start to spread the red on her face to cover it. Like blood, or some shitty mystic catharsis.
She’s only turning around in her head like a bird on a cage or a fish in a round tank. At the end, she disappear from Lula’s picture as she’s crying, evaporated by the water she’s pouring like the Wicked Witch of Oz…
Well, it’s the same for Ken. Except these tears that never makes him disappear but maybe  sadder and sadder. People say it’s good to cry, but when tears turn into a shield and not a way to unleash the pressure, it’s maybe not that good and for any reason, revenge or sadness.
Ken knows this very well. He can understand. But how to do that ? How to let it go ? How to trust guys again ? Ok, it takes time, but as his friend Andy said last night, 3 years it’s really too long. It’s more than the moment to pass this sadness and overcome the pain and open the eyes… before it’s definitely getting too late.


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