In a way, it’s almost in each movie Lynch realized so far. This feeling inside you that belong to a movie and you’re not free yourself, not able to use yourself as you want to. To have the impression you’re a puppet on a string, but with this funny consciousness someone bigger is manipulating you at every moment of your life.
Initially, this post was about Madonna that’s why I chose this title, reference to one the best song i ever heard from her. It, normally was a post about how deep she can make me happy in every bad times of my life. Anyway, maybe later…
In this life, it’s like i was watching myself, looking at every single things i was doing. I’m really aware about my dreams, and there’s not a morning I don’t remember them. Last night i dreamt of San Pedro… no, not really… So, like in a dream, i often see myself out of me, and wondering what the fuck i’m doing here, right here, right now… Last night, I dreamt about me. I was on the river, inside a boat. And i was looking for someone. Not my guy, not my ex… No. Someone very special to me.
So, I decided to jump from the boat and swim. Then, all of sudden, I found her. The girl I was looking for, Yamamura Sadako. Finally, I found the corpse of the girl drowned dead in the river. So, i went back home to tell everyone I discovered the girl.
But no one really familiar was home. Not even my home. Not even my house. Not my world. Just Kim Jong-Il speaking in French about how important was the way and manners to eat pizzas properly…
Sorry, even in my dreams  can’t I make it better? But the most important thing is, those two importants fairy tales figures showed me how deeply I am not free, even in my dreams. Come on, a tyran and a ghost… What i was looking for and what i tried to escape.
In a way, i talked a bit about Madge, here and there on this post. Cyberraga. 


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