Green Escape

You see, it’s like Sailor and Lula from Wild at Heart. They ride the country on the yellow brick road to find the Emerald City. But nothing, vain journey. At best, in the end the Good Witch of the North appears to Sailor telling him to keep living and follow his dreams.
But why the Green Escape title ?
Ken just noticed last night that Sailor gave his son a stuffy lion as the Cowardly Lion needed more courage and bravery to be a real lion. These qualities lies in his heart. Also, Tin Man asks for a real heart to love and bleed, but all his actions in the novels prove his feelings to his friends. Finally, Scarecrow needs a brain, but he never use it as he rules Oz with love and compassion. In short, they all have a heart. Pure and brave to face the world. This whole world is wild at heart… and weird on top.
But why the Green Escape title ?
Something else. This movie can be seen as a parody or a variation of The Wizard of Oz. Few years ago, a French author wrote his own version of the classic american world of Baum entitled Cosm’Oz (the action is set in Europe and USA, from early 19th century to the Second World War). That’s why those pieces touch Ken’s heart, a real fan of Oz.
So, let’s explain the title.
If the Emerald City is unreachable and inaccessible, Ken decided to create his own kingdom in his room. So, every evening he puts the green light on on the balcony and  in the room to create a real green palace. The green light resounds the plants outside and it’s a real miracle. In the movie, Lula tried hard to use her red shoes to go back home, but it’s impossible. There’s no way for home for there is no place you can call home.
But in the very end, she understands she has to create this home with Sailor…


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