You know, it’s like the awful scary hobo in Mulholland Drive.
It comes every time to break your dream. The blue box she plays with is like a heart full of dreams and illusions. For she can’t open it, she throws it far away as your delusion.
In a heart full of love hides the key of this box, and as long as you can’t find it, you can’t open the box. So, what if someone throw the box away ? How can you open it since you can’t reach it…
It’s what happened to Ken more than 2 years ago. A terrible and cruel hobo stole Ken’s box to throw it away, far far away like a tin can on a garbage pile.
Remember the hobo in the movie throw the box for – maybe – it became boring for her to play with. So, the only way, in any case, is to throw away each box you fed up with … no matter if it’s s human heart… ?
After that, is it possible to rise up amidst the crowd and trust someone else ? How can you only trust yourself and entrust your box to another guy ?

Hobo is also the epitome of all Ken’s fears : loneliness, rejection, unpopularity. Hobo represents failure in both social and love lives. This bum is the image of a mental distress as Ken feels lonely most of the time. Even during parties or sex. It’s like the hobo when (s)he appears in the backyard of the coffee shop in the movie. Surprisedly fast. A lightening. And (s)he comes back later to express a new turmoil and failure of another character. Lynch is a master to wake you fears up, and an artist to show them directly to you in a character you hate and you scare and you dread meeting but you meet every time you look into a mirror.

I take this post 8 days later. I just watched MD again, and i kinda arrived to 2 conclusions. The first one, it’s that the movie shares the same initials with me. The second is that this blue box is the key of Diane (or all of us) success for which you can never reach or you have to pay the price. This fucking hobo….


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