Too blind too see

You see, it’s a little bit like Nadine from Twin Peaks, once she lost memory about her past after the accident. For weeks and weeks, she lives trapped in her past, when she was a teen.
It can be the same for Ken. And both, for Nadine and Ken, the life was better when they were much much younger. And the most violent is the shock that wakes you up in the present time, the most terrible is the reality to face. Today, Ken saw a guy holding his gf by the nape and suddenly, it reminded Ken all these times when mister Ex did the same, on the streets, on the markets. This powerful manly but safe and comforting hand that made Ken felt deeply safe and aware about everything. Then, came chaos, self delusion, the black eye patch Nadine wears from the beginning.
Small tinnitus break. It’s raining outside. The season is hot. Period.
OK, Ken is back… He always wondering why Nadine chose the black eye patch to wear. For sure, it’s not because she wants to look like a pirate. Nadine is purely agressive, weak deep inside, unsafe, uncontrollable, out of hand…
Ken is waiting for Nadine to be back in the next season and see how she evolved those last 25 years. But definitely, she’s on her way to wander in the Black Lodge…


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