Stuck in the Middle

You see, it’s like Laura Dern in Inland Empire or the other girls in Mulholland Drive. Even Bob, maybe. The question about your double, the being inside your deepest darkest part. At first, you can figure this dark part – because it’s dark – is your baddest side. But, better think twice about this, this dark side is, for sure, stuck in the middle of your soul and heart. And it all sucks when it sticks right in your middle.
If you watch the Lynch’s movies in the opposite way, if you rewind the pictures, you can clearly see that the monster is not in your mind, but surely outside. It’s you, you and always you as you refuse to free yourself.
Obviously, this dark side is the brightest part of all, trapped between your darkest thinks and behaviors. It’s the light that turns into a monster because of your ideas, the light that slowly turns off as you stick yourself in the middle. The monster deep inside of you, it’s not the villain of your season, it’s the victim and she tries harder and harder to get out.



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